Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh Baby

Even though I am a few years out on the whole motherhood thing, I have many friends with young families. This has put me in perpetual baby gift mode, which has given me a taste for nursery design.
I love the colorful, unexpected nursery and child's room accessories; forget the oversized letters and wall paintings! There are so many fun, original decorating ideas out there that can add whimsy to any nursery, here are some of my favorites:

Hang it

Adore mounts, and pom poms. image obtained via
Handmade star garlend, so easy!
Fun, colorful bird mobile, image via
Star Garland by: Bottzstudios
obsessed with this artist on etsy, beautifully hand crafted mobiles by Nicol Brinkman, this one is called " Bears in Party Hats"
Strong Men mobile via "Pink Cheeks Studios"
Ninja baby mobile "Sweet Cheeks Studios"
Bear Boy via "Pink Cheek Studios"
Butterfly Orb
Gold Glitter Bunting by Trudy Bunting
Farm Animal Ornaments by Trotting Jack Press
Surrender by Anna Tyrrell (yours truly)
Peter in Socks by Anna Tyrrell
Siiso painting
Siiso painting
Paris Roses by Eye Poetry Photography
Tree Lights by Eye Poetry Photography
Peony Heart by Golden Section
Constellation Map by Antique Print Store
Vintage Constellation Print by Missquitecontrary
Flagspattern Pillow Cover by Xinghuajiang
Woodland Creatures Collection by Laura Frisk
Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow Cover by Sukan
Embroidered Blue Bunny by Knotty Bird Threads
Play by Mirry Mirry

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