Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Black: 1

Today is my first instalment of talking about the color black, and how I am utterly obsessed.
Today's study: Black in the Kitchen.
Recently I have began to wander outside of the world of the white kitchen, and I landed hard on its opposite.
Since moving, I have been trying to take over the cooking scene, my hutband is a master at just about everything and he prides himself on his cooking, but with him at work all day and me at home, I have been in charge of dinner for the first time since we married.
So... since I have spent more time in our little apartment kitchen this past week and a half than all of last year combined, I have begun to understand my needs in this space.
Warmth, warmth, warmth.... My needs are very clear, I am leaning towards a cozy sophistication space rather than spanking clean white surfaces. Don't get me wrong, I love white, black and white in particular,and white can exude warmth as well, but for me, I need a little more gusto, umph, or baboomness. Black can take any space from ordinary and instantly add an element of class and elegance...

Black kitchen accents:


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