Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Organized

I recently purchased Peri Wolfmans book " A Place for Everything."It's a book about how to organize the stuff of life. To many of you, organization may be second nature, but for me, it is something that I am constantly working on. I was always the sibling whose bedroom looked like a tornado ran through it, and I was notorious for "losing stuff" growing up. So, this book seemed like a good choice for me to read, sort of a self-help book for messy people.
Peri focuses on open displays, way to organize your things to be functional and visually pleasing.... right up my ally right? Not to mention she has amazing taste and a knack for arranging and accumulating beautiful things; she seems to make a stack of napkins look like it should be on the cover of Vogue.

So, after reading and thouroughly enjoying this book I of course set out to find some inspiring images of what beautiful organization means to me...
Arranging open shelving, one of Peri Wolfmans fortes, I like this images because it is clean and organized without looking it belongs in a hoslpital. I also imagine that having the open organization concept makes you more aware of keeping your things nice and neat, because you have to look at them all the time, no more thowing it all in a drawer and closing it (something I am exceedingly good at)
Removing items from their original packaging or what-have-you, and placing in a Jar.... makes your food items last longer, and is sooooo much more attraction than openly displaying your cereal boxes
May be the most attractive pantry yet...
Or this one...
Lovely way to display beautiful items that would otherwise be hidden in a cabinet somewhere
Ok, yes, this is a store display, but Peri talks about how to use baskets as a means to store anything, I like how they look stacked in the shelves
A simple, elegant solution to dinnerwear overflow
baskets, jars, and chicken wire cabinet.... lovely
Beautiful organization can also work on the small scale
A great way to organize your knives? A magnetic knife rack, they are sooo much more handy and they stay sharper longer than if they went into a drawer or wooden block
A jar full of wooden spoons, LOVE
Hanging up pots and pans on a rack instead of stuffed in a drawer, soooo much more convenient
So,even though my kitchen does not have open shelving, I am going to put my dishes away today with a new found vigor for organization, and maybe I will just leave the doors open for a while to admire my handiwork.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well, hello Nate Berkus

I have been thinking lately of what it would actually be like to live in the city, you know, in an old brownstone or apartment, being a walk away from your favorite restaraunts and simply feeling like you are taking advantage of city life. Everytime we go downdown, or even just drive by, I wonder what it would be like to be a part of that world, and of course, what my dream "city space" would look like. All I know is that I want to have Nate Berkus there from start to finish.  I Love this guy's sense of classic style, and his use of black and white!
Here are some images from his home in Greenwich village, as well as some of his other lovely designs...

Black shade plus white loveseat covered in a sheepskin equals perfect...
Sigh, look at that BEAUTIFUL black and white marble fireplace
Black painted built-ins, and again, check out the marble fireplace
Another stunner, love the side table and arrangements
dark stained chevron floors and white walls
Zebra rug, pillow and lamp
That rug
Oh dear, he even has black and white dogs!
Dark Glossy walls in the den
Love this runner from his rug collection
So lovely, love the iron canopy bed with the green and white


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Well, another wonderful weekend is complete. We spent our Saturday at the lovely Bayou Bend, walking through gardens, and exploring the beautiful mansion. I decided that if we have to live in Houston forever, I would live on this estate, just saying...
Leah T, Angela M, Lauren K, mama K, Heather T, Ginger T, and Grandma J...... wish you could have been here with me

 There were a number of beautiful marble statues scattered throughout the garden
Loved the grass and brick steps
This grass was everywhere, so green and lush
Reminded me of Bilbo's door
 Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photographs inside
The back of the house
Hope this brings some cheer to the chillier parts of Wyo... 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Going Grey

  The other weekend the hubby and I went downtown for some shopping when I spotted a three-story Restaration Hardware store, so of course I had to visit. There are a number of things that I like about this store and it has nothing to do with their actual products. What I love  is their layout and displays. Everything is kept very neutral and minimalist, with oversized art, sculptures and plants. Their individual displays make you want to take every room as is..... but what I love most about it is the floor to ceiling grey. Concrete floors give way to a lovely grey walls and molding, even their nursery decor section followed this scheme. It gives the entire store a very european, cozy, sophisticated feel. So this prompted me to look into the wonderful world of greys, and I am never going back...

Holy beautiful
Here are some of my favs
Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore
Fresh Linen plus whites by Annie Sloan
Chlesae Grey by Benjamin Moore



Grey Accessories
Ziggurat Mineral fabric
Premier Prints Ikat Dots on Fabric.com
Lovely grey chair
Deep grey linen covered daybed
Grey and white chevron quilt
Images obtained via pinterest.com