Monday, May 30, 2016

Picture Update: Paris


On our first night we sat down for dinner at a lovely little restaurant. The waitress came over and started talking in rapid French

My Brain: She is speaking a foreign language, Foreign language = German

 But she is speaking French not German, silly


Sitting, mouth open, I have no words, really, I couldn't even muster English

After Zach swooped in and communicated to the waitress I looked at him as if to say "I think I may have suffered a mini-stroke" and I was suprised to see that he was looking at me, beaming.

Zach: "Last time we were here, your French was great, but this time, you are a hot mess"

Me: Then why are you smiling?

Zach: "I'm so proud of you!This means you are starting to think in German"

Me : Hallelujah

My mini-stroke is evidently a good sign when learning a language. I wish I would have known that this might happen during my learning. It is a weird feeling having no words. Literally, your brain has NO words, and NO sounds. So glad Zach was there or I would have checked myself into the nearest hospital.

The blank mind, glazed over eyes, and derpy facial expression continued throughout the weekend. I finally started pointing instead of speaking.

Other things included, eating, eating, eating, and, well, eating. It was a good one.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sutff and Things... A Rambling...

We have been immensely enjoying the German spring and all it has to offer. Being from Wyoming, the green wows me everyday. I can't see myself living anywhere that isn't as lush and squishy.  One of our favorite places to walk is behind our house by our little river. Both the boys LOVE wading and swimming in the clear cool water. It is one of the best parts of my day taking the dogs here, watching them enjoying themselves, and playing lots and lots of fetch with Nox. In the winter this area is much to wet and muddy to visit often, but now, it seems to be perfect.

Zach made chocolate chip cookies last weekend, this was a special treat for us. We haven't had a good homemade cookie sine we've been here. After repeatedly spoon-whacking me for stealing morsels of dough and banning me from the kitchen, he finally got some baked. He also had the great idea of giving some away to our neighbors (cookies aren't a thing here). Upon delivery I would get a  "thanks for the cakes!" I guess I didn't explain well enough that this is a COOKIE. Everyone loved them and we have requests for "more cakes please".

Europe has been in an interesting place politically of late. With the wave of refugees, political support has been leaning more and more to the right. The main right-wing German party here is called the AFD, or Alternative for Germany. They are an anti-refugee organization which is rapidly picking up steam in the country, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.

Haven't been yelled at lately, to my great satisfaction, this either means that I am doing things right, or I have just become more sneaky about hiding my bad American habits. Regardless, it feels good to get through a day without fear of a "NEIN"

I finally found a dog basket big enough for Newton. This is quite an accomplishment because, if you know Newton, he is roughly the size of a Smart Car. Nox celebrated Newton's new present by sleeping in it all day.

Z is starting a new project with Bayer Pharma. I am so happy that he is having an opportunity to work in a variety of different departments and people. He is loving the diversity of projects(he gets bored easily) and is my main German teacher. He is so patient and very sweet when correcting my grammar.

 Our German is steadily improving. It is always helpful when I am FORCED to use it, it is amazing what the brain can do when you HAVE to figure it out.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I am a Mature Adult

Warning: R rated post or mom and dad- don't read this

It's asparagus season here, ze Germans are crazy about this stuff, can't drive anywhere without seeing a sign that reads "Spargel". So after hearing about this home grown goodness I went to the store in search of finding the famous German white Asparagus.... I found it.

Zach: "It's so big"

Me, in my mind: I'm a mature adult, I am a mature adult I am a mature adult....

Well, kind of...


 And when you thought this post couldn't get any weirder....

Happy Thursday

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday and What's New

Eating: Anything grilled

Reading: Book #3 in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series "Morality for Beautiful Girls"

Enjoying: Sitting on our deck right before the sun goes down, hot tea in hand

Unexpected: Allergies

Loving: Chorizo. in. everything.

Interesting: It's illegal to home school your children in Germany...

Wearing: something other than jeans and a t-shirt. I recently dressed up to go out to dinner with Z. Upon my departure I saw a neighbor, they gave me the up-down and explained "You looks like a girl!" My sister would be so proud.

Yippee: made a new friend. She is an expat and has a dog, so we are pretty much a perfect match.

Sooo.. yeah, I kind of am obsessed with these guys right now, the colors are just so dang happy!

Here is Dina the Dachshund, a new commission, with my bouquet on her head...

Last one.... I promise

Well hello... shall we wed and have babies?

A jaunt to the Netherlands

My breakfast buddy

I never saw myself as one who would take a lot of scenery photos, but it is so different from anything I have ever experienced, hence the ridiculous amount of photos of leaves, flowers,'s a big part of our daily lives here

When we finally return home I will be pining for narrow cobblestone streets, and window boxes

Here mom... some people photos!

I love when it is sunny but there are perfectly shaped clouds that cover the sun every now and again

More Nature

And this majestic vacuum dog

 Happy Friday