Monday, January 28, 2013

One of the nice things about moving is the opportunity for new beginnings. There are many things I have been afraid to try, do, wear, etc... This fear is most apparent when it comes to fashion.

Growing up in Wyoming, one isn't necessarily daring with their clothing choices, but a new start is here, and I am ready to leave my fashion plateau in the past and move forward. My first purchase will be.... a beautiful sun hat. Not only will it protect my skin from the ever present sun, I think they look simply fabulous...
This sun hat must be straw and simple, I am not shooting for a look that screams Kentucky Derby, or fly fisherman.

Here are some hats that inspire me

Love the extra wide brim

Okay, this may be a little too "Gone with the Wind" but it still excites me!
L-O-V-E the black ribbon
Not too floppy

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