Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mid October

Eating: Ginger snap cookies

Listening: "The Wheel of Time"

Loving: Fall markets

Reading: "The Shadow of Night"

Finally: Freshly shaved pup

Watching: "Grand Designs"






Friday, October 6, 2017

This, that and the other

So far, this fall has been simply lovely. We were so lucky to have dear family and friends come for a quick visit last weekend. It is always an interesting and enjoyable experience to show them around our little life in Germany, but more importantly, to remind us of all our loved ones back home. No matter how grumpy I can get towards everything German, my people are always there to pick up the pieces. We had a wonderful time, highlighted by long meals and interesting conversations. I hope they all come and visit us again soon.

 We also enjoyed a lovely "German Unity Day" (Zach got the day off) Belgium. Hiking with the dogs on the weekends here is always a highlight, there are endless places to discover. This weekend it was a Belgian castle, winding creeks and autumn leaves. In other words, it was perfect.

Other news around our area included the discovery of an unexploded WW2 bomb under a bridge near Cologne, needless to say, everything in the area is closed down until the bomb is retrieved, and anytime one of the very few bridges is closed across the Rhine, the traffic gets a bit hairy.



Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Early Fall Update

 I feel just as everyone around me is complaining about the cooler weather, or wishing for another month of Summer, I am breaking out the scarves and mittens and wondering if I can have apple cider and chestnuts for every meal. Yes, I love Fall. We have been hunkered down since we returned from Scotland. It feels good to be home, doing art and enjoying piping hot tea on crisp mornings. The biggest news around here was the election yesterday, and not surprisingly, Angela Merkel took the title. This made some people very happy and others very NOT so happy. The current refugee situation is a huge point of contention and the re-emergence of the alt-right party is alarming a lot of people. They actually got enough votes yesterday and will be in government for the first time since Hitler. So that will be interesting. Other than that, Octoberfest has started (yes, I know it is still September) so I am sure southern Germany is swollen with visitors from around the world, drinking large quantities of German beer. I am satisfied to have the same experience at my dining table. So, that is that, and here is what is new around Tyrrellville...

Flowers are so cheap here. These roses were 2 euros at the grocery store... who can say no to that!

Apples apples and more apples

A baby chestnut and polka dot leaves

Nox showing us his fall fashion

No, we didn't run into the following creatures in the forrest... we visited a zoo and it was marvelous!