Monday, July 9, 2018


Oh my gosh, this place couldn't be more perfect. I am all set to move here at any moment, I am sure that the details will work themselves out later. The Cotswolds and Wales were magical, brimming with sunshine (we had sun the entire week!) sheep, and really yummy food.  We were also lucky enough to spend some time with our brother and sister-in-law who we haven't seen since their wedding three years ago.





Sunday, June 10, 2018


Things are Can hardly believe I am in my third trimester, and before we know it we will have a new little one running around. We have been loving the late May early June landscape. I really cannot get enough of the beautiful blooms around here.  The grill has been on everyday and it doesn't get completely dark until after ten. Life is good.




Saturday, May 26, 2018

We didn't want to leave. We were lucky enough to enjoy two Springs this year, on in Germany and one at home in Wolf. Both so different, both so beautiful. This trip went by entirely way to fast, they always do, but this one was different, maybe it was because it was my last trip home as just me, not quite a mom yet. I have to say though, being pregnant has its benefits. Pretty sure this is the first time at home where I didn't have to do any yard work. My parents made sure that I was pampered, and I loved every minute of it.

I enjoyed meeting Folly, THE dog that you will see many pictures of below. Watching the NBA playoffs (this is weird, is pregnancy changing my personality?) seeing all of the glorious wildlife. Eating mom's cooking. Seeing friends, lots and lots of them. Reading on the front porch, and long walks on the dirt Roads. Trips into the mountains (complete with snow) and breakfast out with my dad. Until next time...