Sunday, September 29, 2013

Design Crush: Erika Powell

          I Finally found out the designer who was responsible for some of my very favorite rooms circulating on-line.... her name is Erika Powell, an interior designer from Florida. In 2005 she established her interior design business "Urban Grace" (please check this out). Her use of pattern, color, texture, along with her amazing attention to detail make me want transport some of her rooms, exactly as is, into my home. I am actually kind of obsessed with her, I keep up with her latest projects through her blog, and I love seeing how she dresses her little girls... so, I am smitten with this talented lady, and  I hope you like her sweet designs as much as I do!

This is her oldest daughter's room; the custom upholstered bed is to die for! The light grey-green wall color, dark bookshelves and all of the little details make this room feel cozy and welcoming.

This daybed is a custom design of Erika's, and don't you LOVE the bright red and olive green she chose to paint it! It really allows it to pop off of the dark truffle brown walls..... and of course, I am kind of in love with the artwork
And a black and white chevron curtain.... amazing

A nice counterpart to her colorful and moody rooms, this kitchen is bright and delightful!

She also does neutrals like a pro...

Probably my all time favorite room by Erika. How much fun is this? The details here are amazing, the wallpaper, colored paneling, sconces, fabric, trim, lighting........

Love the scalloped bedding

Again, details...

So, if I ever have a home theater....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Pond Farm

While enjoying my daily intake of pinterest, I stumbled upon some lovely images. After further investigation, I discovered Little Pond Farm, a "Luxury-lifestyle" inn, in North Carolina.
In my opinion this farm is a great example of a job well done.... just look at this place!

Love the traditional white exterior, paned windows and natural stone.

The back patio entry, which doubles as a bar. I love the hardware, paneled walls, floors, color scheme. Okay, I pretty much love everything.

In love with the antique table paired with those chairs, simple and elegant... and just look at that plate rack!

This kitchen is to-die-for, everything you will ever need can fit into this space. Love the grey/ green cabinets and white. Little Pond Farm holds wine tastings and cooking classes here!

countertops and floors....yummmmmmmy

Not the best photo, but every room in the house should have a built-in

Just one of their bathrooms, simplicity is all you need

I will take a bath here

A simple laundry room

Another bar...

One of many guest rooms...

So.... who wants to go with me?

Thank you pinterest and "Talk of the House" for these beautiful images!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Picture Update

                 Fall is slowly approaching...... taking some time to enjoy the little things in life, like....

lovely flowers....

making dinner for my hubby

enjoying intense morning light

watching my boys cuddle

monogram doodling

enjoying our new neighborhood

walking to our local coffee shop on Saturday morning

loving this face

and this one...

hope you can take some time today to enjoy what is important to you....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This Blue

This lovely blue caught my eye the other day, now I can't seem to get enough of it. It's left me in one of those dangerous design modes, the ones where I want to make drastic changes.... but this too shall pass, so I am going to control myself and live vicariously through these lovely images....

If we weren't in a rental, I would go and paint our door just like this.....

Or like this...

Where are these cups and saucers from? I neeeeeeed them.

This is stunning.... don't know when or where I would ever where it, but a girl can dream, right?

Darryl Carter is a master designer....... these pillows make this room.

I love the subtle white molding and the olive green curtains!

These chairs.....

Paint a kitchen blue!