Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Pond Farm

While enjoying my daily intake of pinterest, I stumbled upon some lovely images. After further investigation, I discovered Little Pond Farm, a "Luxury-lifestyle" inn, in North Carolina.
In my opinion this farm is a great example of a job well done.... just look at this place!

Love the traditional white exterior, paned windows and natural stone.

The back patio entry, which doubles as a bar. I love the hardware, paneled walls, floors, color scheme. Okay, I pretty much love everything.

In love with the antique table paired with those chairs, simple and elegant... and just look at that plate rack!

This kitchen is to-die-for, everything you will ever need can fit into this space. Love the grey/ green cabinets and white. Little Pond Farm holds wine tastings and cooking classes here!

countertops and floors....yummmmmmmy

Not the best photo, but every room in the house should have a built-in

Just one of their bathrooms, simplicity is all you need

I will take a bath here

A simple laundry room

Another bar...

One of many guest rooms...

So.... who wants to go with me?

Thank you pinterest and "Talk of the House" for these beautiful images!

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