Monday, May 9, 2016

Vaction vacation

What is a vacation? Really. When I think about it it consist of sleeping in, eating good food, seeing beautiful places, and most importantly, spending time with the ones you love most. Even though our little jaunt out of the country was cancelled, staying home was just what the doctor ordered. It's funny when we have a free day we automatically feel like we need to fill it. But it turns out that sometimes the best way to enjoy your free time is by doing nothing. Z has been working hard this year, on several different projects as well as perfecting his new language. The time spent at home with our two furry dogs was priceless. 

We filled our time by exploring the beauty immediately around us (why do we need to travel... we live in Germany after all) using our new grill, eating, reading, and napping... best. vacation. ever.

Some of our favorites from this week were...

Zach's birthday

Dog friendly palaces


Large, slow moving rivers, perfect for doggy bathing

Ponies, of course

A Knight's castle, complete with moat and draw bridge

Dog sculptures

Endless yellow pastures, and sunlit forests

Drool worthy estates

Surprise birthday cake from our lovely neighbors

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