Monday, May 30, 2016

Picture Update: Paris


On our first night we sat down for dinner at a lovely little restaurant. The waitress came over and started talking in rapid French

My Brain: She is speaking a foreign language, Foreign language = German

 But she is speaking French not German, silly


Sitting, mouth open, I have no words, really, I couldn't even muster English

After Zach swooped in and communicated to the waitress I looked at him as if to say "I think I may have suffered a mini-stroke" and I was suprised to see that he was looking at me, beaming.

Zach: "Last time we were here, your French was great, but this time, you are a hot mess"

Me: Then why are you smiling?

Zach: "I'm so proud of you!This means you are starting to think in German"

Me : Hallelujah

My mini-stroke is evidently a good sign when learning a language. I wish I would have known that this might happen during my learning. It is a weird feeling having no words. Literally, your brain has NO words, and NO sounds. So glad Zach was there or I would have checked myself into the nearest hospital.

The blank mind, glazed over eyes, and derpy facial expression continued throughout the weekend. I finally started pointing instead of speaking.

Other things included, eating, eating, eating, and, well, eating. It was a good one.

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