Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday and What's New

Eating: Anything grilled

Reading: Book #3 in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series "Morality for Beautiful Girls"

Enjoying: Sitting on our deck right before the sun goes down, hot tea in hand

Unexpected: Allergies

Loving: Chorizo. in. everything.

Interesting: It's illegal to home school your children in Germany...

Wearing: something other than jeans and a t-shirt. I recently dressed up to go out to dinner with Z. Upon my departure I saw a neighbor, they gave me the up-down and explained "You looks like a girl!" My sister would be so proud.

Yippee: made a new friend. She is an expat and has a dog, so we are pretty much a perfect match.

Sooo.. yeah, I kind of am obsessed with these guys right now, the colors are just so dang happy!

Here is Dina the Dachshund, a new commission, with my bouquet on her head...

Last one.... I promise

Well hello... shall we wed and have babies?

A jaunt to the Netherlands

My breakfast buddy

I never saw myself as one who would take a lot of scenery photos, but it is so different from anything I have ever experienced, hence the ridiculous amount of photos of leaves, flowers,'s a big part of our daily lives here

When we finally return home I will be pining for narrow cobblestone streets, and window boxes

Here mom... some people photos!

I love when it is sunny but there are perfectly shaped clouds that cover the sun every now and again

More Nature

And this majestic vacuum dog

 Happy Friday

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