Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Warning: Obnoxiously long photo blog post ahead

We were fortunate enough to go on an excellent adventure to Austria over the Holidays. The mountains were a high point (haha, get it?) it felt right being snuggled in a mountain range again, our natural habitat.  My biggest accomplishment from the trip is climbing a mountain, and no, I am not exaggerating... it was a MOUNTAIN people, I may have been on all fours, crawling at one point, but I made it!

 Some other observations include.... Austrians are much friendlier than Germans, Austria is home to the most neatly stacked firewood in the world. We visited a contemporary art installation... and actually liked it. So, enough talky talk... and more picky pics.

A special thank you to everyone who took the extra time (and money) to send us a Christmas card, cannot tell you how nice it was to come home and have those waiting in the mailbox!

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