Friday, January 22, 2016

A dear friend visited this week, and along with her, her four little ones! If felt so good to have guests in the house, and to speak English with someone other than Zach. The dogs did great with the kiddos, and it was fun having the noise and life of little people running around. At bedtime when the babies were crying and my friend returned from putting them to bed, Zach looked at her and asked, in a frightened voice "is it like this every night?" Poor guy.

It was chilly, but we braved the cold for walks and a trip to Bensberg. The winter light and fog is beautiful here, but I always savor that fleeting moment when the sun peeks through the clouds...

Newton is still in the cone (going on two weeks), he has another appointment on Saturday, and I am sure hoping for some progress!

That's really all that's new, winter is slow and quite, but really, is that a bad thing?

Oh, the German woods, how I love you

Loving every second of sunshine 


Foggy, cold Bensberg castle

I can never have too many candles

Evening walk in Hoffnungsthal 

A little person found theses in a basket... so glad that they got some lovin' this week

Took his cone off for his walk today, never seen him so happy

Black and white goodness

Orange tree and an orange blanket

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  1. Watch out for the fairies in the black forest....word on the street is they do not take kindly to outsiders.