Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Around the house

Cold, rainy winter days have settled upon us, which means me and my boys have been spending most of our time inside...cabin fever may be looming on the horizon, but at least my house is really clean!

I was so sad to take the Christmas balls off of these sticks, so a happy new year garland had to go up 

Sunday afternoons at their best

Zach's take on apple strudel

Slowly getting everything in its place...

Tiny accomplishments,,, thanks sis for the creative outlet for this guy

My sous chef

No, this is not a science experiment, this is what happens when I cook onions

Winter tastes better with this stuff

Newton and his cone


  1. Your house is looking beautiful! Can't wait to see it! Also, I'm ready for the sun to stop by again as well....where did it go?! Yesterday it peeked through our window for about 2 minutes. I basked in it. Completely blinded but loving every second- then it disappeared again. :(

  2. 1) Zach's ship is marvelous. 2)Are you drinking whiskey?? 3)Cory cooks onions the same way 4) You're a Christmas ball.