Saturday, June 25, 2016


It has been rainy here of late, really rainy. Surprisingly though... I don't mind. I would much rather have rain than a 95 degree day. Is that weird? We have been enjoying little bouts of sunlight here and there, Germany is so green and lush.

Bayer is still reorganizing, and with that comes change. We know we are going to stay where we are but even the small changes are making a little extra work (aka paper work) for us. Hopefully by the end of the summer it will be all sorted. The Germans do love their paperwork.

Zach has been busy at work and I have been busy at home. I love where we live and I love that I have two furry buddies to keep me company during the day. I gave Newton a haircut earlier this week. It was an epic undertaking.... but I think he is happy with his new doo, and I am happy that I can finally keep a closer eye on his ever so sensitive skin.

Neither of us can believe we are nearing another end to a month. Time is really flying. We have family coming to visit in July, which we are both looking forward to. It will finally be nice to completely share with someone what our life is about over here.

The Euro Cup is in full swing here, and man, these Europeans do love their soccer. Germany plays again on Sunday and we are going to head down to the local Bier Garten to see what all the fuss is about.

Oh, and my new favorite German word..... Schleim...sounds like slime- translation... boogers

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