Friday, July 1, 2016


Rain, rain and more rain. I don't even remembered the last time I watered any of my plants, in fact. I have been systematically brining them inside to try to ovoid them being consumed by mold. One lovely part of this rain though, is the cool nights. With no air conditioning, the summer nights can be brutal  here. So the nice cool evening breezes are much appreciated.

Evidently it is a 10,000 Euro fine if you get caught using round-up on your lawn.

The Euocup is in full force and it is one big deal here. We watched the German vs. Slovakia game on Sunday in an old German barns with probably half our town. They are nuts, but we had fun. We drank plenty of beer and ate plenty of sausage.

Zach went to a football game last weekend, and by football I mean American style football. He had some interesting observations, like, there were more cheerleaders than players. And that players that didn't speak German had a big "A" on their helmets standing for auslander, this was to let the ref know that they needed to speak English. He also remarked that the football itself was really "slow", but they Germans seemed REALLY  into it.

Been yelled at twice this week.

Dogs are good, we are good, it's all good.

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