Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fresh Start

I get immense satisfaction from getting rid of excess. Ah, Simplicity! After the holidays I am usually feeling like something that resembles a sloth. When it's all over, after all of the good food and presents, I am always glad that Christmas is only once a year. Even though it is only January, at the start of the year I always seem to get that "spring" cleaning itch. And so, the purge begins. Christmas decor down, check. Closet clean and old clothes gone, check. Trying to organize our brick box, half check. The brick walls in our loft may be starting to mess with my brain; I love them, but the constant dim light and dust are making me a little crazy. And so, may this year be filled with peace, adventure, good wine, and a lot of white...

All images obtained via pinterest.com

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