Monday, January 19, 2015

Picture Update

It has been freakishly warm here the last few days. I am almost convinced that it is actually March, and then I get really depressed when I remember that it is only January. There are many more days of chilly weather ahead. Life has been treating us well; we spent a lovely weekend outside with the boys, taking advantage of this fleeting heat wave.

I have permanently commandeered our only working space in the kitchen as my art camp, but I am just tired of picking it up and getting it out two or three times a day. This means less workable cooking space, but a happier me, so I guess its worth it.

I tried a new recipe for french onion soup just to have the opportunity to use my new bowl ( I'm in love, weird, I know...) it  is amazing how the little things really do make my day. 

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