Sunday, June 15, 2014

Picture Update

Zach and I completed our first 5k trail run this weekend. I never thought training to run 3 miles would be so difficult, but it was a good wake-up call for me that I really needed to get back in shape.  As a fun bonus, we were able to run with our boys in the "Furry Division" (I kid you not). It was great to see people out with their dogs, enjoying the day together. I ran with Newton and Zach ran with Nox, hence we paired to two fastest and the two slowest together and it worked out pefectly. Zach and Nox placed first in the Furry Division, and Newton and I came in last! I was proud of all four of us, but especially Newton, who's normal idea of exercise is rolling over on the couch. 

As part of the final preparations for the race, we wanted to make sure Nox had his summer haircut to keep him cool. He is always a little self-conscious after he gets it cut, and prefers to sit on only warm fabric surfaces or in our arms until his hair grows out. 

Modeling his new doo

Where he prefers to sit, ALL THE TIME

Watching the World Cup

Watching us drink coffee

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