Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitchen Little

Now that we are looking at potential places to live in our new town of KC, we have come up with our "must haves". Both of us enjoy cooking immensely, and having the right tools is paramount in the cooking experience. Since our budget isn't millions of dollars we are going to have to sacrifice on some of our expectations, one of which might be the kitchen. In today's design world it seems like big kitchens are all the rage, ten foot islands, with restaurant-grade refrigerators, and ten burner stoves. I think that it is safe to say that even if we did have the money we wouldn't want a ginormous kitchen. It may be stylish, but it lacks functionality, and after all, that is what a kitchen is all about. I just wanted to share some tiny kitchens that get the job done despite their size.

Yes, you couldn't cook fifty things at once, and throwing a large dinner party may be a little more difficult (but really how often do we really entertain?) but this small space seems to offer up functionality and style.
Classic, back in the day when the kitchen was pure function
I feel like this has to be in New York, there are shelves behind the hidden doors on the left wall
Love, this one is small, but still seems open
I feel that I could be very efficient in here
One of my favorites, taking advantage of all of the wall space
Again, when the kitchen has a functional layout, size doesn't matter
Small, but look at all that storage!
Happy small kitchen
Just wonderful, I like having kitchen gadgets sitting about, it looks like the kitchen actually gets used
White always makes spaces look larger
Probably somewhere in Europe, they seem to always get it right
I would need a foot stool, small kitchens are a great way to take advantage of vertical space
Just lovely
We are hoping to be moved into our new place buy July, will keep you posted
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