Monday, March 13, 2017

Destination: Florence

Ah, Florence. Like most people, my experiences of European destinations growing up were through the movies. "A Room with a View" and "Under the Tuscan Sun", along with some college art history courses were the inspiration for this trip. The gelato, pizza, steak and wine all met expectations (all according to Zach, since I was sick and couldn't taste anything). The sun was shining, and I suffered from serious orange tree envy, seriously, they are gigantic! 


The mother-ship of all things marble (Thank you Michelangelo)

Architecture to die for (Thank you Brunelleschi)

Leather- I enjoyed looking down at all of the gorgeous Italian leather shoes, not to mention the purses

David- from all points of view :)

Coffee gelato

Dogs, dogs and more dogs. I am soooo impressed with city dogs, the ones that walk perfectly on a leash, or don't even need a leash. My favorite was what looked like a 200 year old Italian women with her (what looked like) 200 year old dog, donning matching scarves...

Cyprus trees












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  1. Made my morning Anna! Judging by all of the pictures it looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear about it! Love the angry kitty with incredible sculpture. :)