Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Garage

 Today it seems like every new build home has at least two massive garages staring you in the face.I understand the function they serve, but when it comes to garages, I have to say, they are a big sore spot. To save time and money, builders opt for the garage in front. This technique takes up much less space per lot (having a driveway on the side instead of the front takes up a lot more space), this way they are able to stick more houses per development and make more money. This, unfortunately, has become the usual, and even expected way of building a home. What happened to individuality, building a home to exemplify your taste and  fulfill your idea of beauty?

Now I know that having a garage hidden or around the side of your house isn't always an option because of the previously stated reasons, but that still isn't an excuse to not make them look nice. Here are a few examples of some garages I would not be ashamed of showing to the public.

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