Thursday, April 3, 2014


With April finally here, it is time for us to replace our winter attire with some spring. It’s lovely to finally feel this change, it seemed like a long winter here, and the sunshine and green grass have been welcome arrivals. Spring brings a sense of renewal, freshness, and simplicity; things I like to feel when I am in my home.  This last year, we have had the opportunity to “purge” some of our belongings. Fitting into our little brick studio meant we needed to put some serious thought into what our real needs and wants are in our home. The act of completely turning over our closet our warm clothes for summer attire is just one of many things I love about living simply. It gives you a real sense of all the extra stuff in life that is just stuff. I am a firm believer than more is often just more, and bigger is usually not better, and experiencing living simply has reaffirmed those attitudes even more. Happy Spring.

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