Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Good Friends

This last week we enjoyed a much needed visit from old friends. This trip included wine (a given), some of the most delicious food ever consumed (we were in France) tasty beer (Thank you Belgium) and of course loud laughs and great conversations (Thank you Casey and Bork)! We really hit the ground running with this one and our guests were such troopers. We stayed in arguably the most adorable bed and breakfast in all of France and then headed on to Paris, of course....need I say more?

We ended the week back in good ole' Deutschland (complete with rainy weather), but enjoyed every minute of it. It was so nice to have people to entertain and to lounge with, and I hope our guests felt the same. We don't have people over as much as we used to, probably has something to do with living in Germany, but we always love an excuse to break out the nice silverware and to blast the music.

Thank you, dear friends for a trip of a lifetime. We love you dearly.
















  1. Trip of a lifetime is right! We had the best time! People keep asking me what my favorite part was, and I honestly can't answer. Spending time with great friends definitely tops the list, but beyond that it was all wonderful! Thank you guys for hosting us and planning everything. We love you! Hugs to the boys.

  2. Oh! Thank you for the eye candy!!! What a feast of beauty, food and friendship. Mom