Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Girls trip to Paris

It was grand! Paris is just the best, and even better with your best bud. We drove together, which means we were thrown into the rather scary world of Paris traffic, but we laughed the entire way through.


Listening to the most beautiful male voice we have ever heard singing at an early morning service at Notre Dame.

Eating crepes, profiteroles, lemon sorbet, and much, much more

Learned that eating salmon and scrambled eggs on toast is the messiest thing you will ever do

Watched the Eiffel Tower do it's sparkly dance

Road the metro like a pro

Drank maybe one too many glasses of wine


Talked about what our Paris "vacation home" would look like

Reading in the park

Learned what we needed to know about our pepper spray, so we were ready for anything

Visited a French outdoor antique market

Tried to speak high school french

Stayed up way past our bedtimes talking, just because we could...







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  1. Z didn't proof read this one for you, did he...hahahahaha what does "road the metro" mean??? ;) can't wait for a trip for us!