Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Again: Thoughts on a YEAR

I've been thinking a lot about this post. What on Earth can I write about that covers all of the different experiences, feelings, ups, downs, overs and outs of this past year? It's pretty much impossible.

 The different obstacles and responsibilities that come from moving internationally are immense, you either sink or swim... seriously, it is that simple.  My number of "sinks" is still growing, but I am swimming more often these days.

Just last week I was gassing up the car and I went in to pay ( there is no pay at the pump here), after conversing in German for a bit the woman behind the counter asked me a question I didn't understand, so I politely told her that I am learning German and asked if she spoke English. She kindly responded "ja" and went onto to remark how great it was that I was using and learning German, and my trying was always appreciated. This hit me pretty hard, in a good way. It took a year but this was the first time I have received positive reinforcement from a German about my language skills. That little bit of kindness reminded me that yes, I am still learning and sound ridiculous most of the time, but hey, that's much better than not trying at all, and the more I try (in all areas of life) the better I will become.

Some other random observations via Zach is the enormous difference in the corporate world in Germany vs the USA.  Everything from meetings, to how to socialize at lunch are different. He still has some days where he comes home absolutely exhausted, just having given an hour technical presentation all in German, or been in a long meeting where he was the only non-German.This has taken some getting used to on his part, and he takes it all in stride.  Zach isn't just "swimming" in his new role, he is flippin' Michael Phelps.

The Pros: Scenery, cheap alcohol, close proximity to Paris (and other cool places), driving fast, bratwurst, rain (I love rain),

The Cons: The smoking I hate hate HATE it, grumpy people, parking, short winter days, 8 hrs time difference from home, paperwork, our family can't come over for dinner

So here is another year to keeping our head above water, making new friends, and experiencing new places, feeling like an idiot a little less often, and of course, eating ridiculous amounts of ridiculously fattening food.


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