Sunday, September 4, 2016

Funny, Interesting, Delicious, Special, Gross... Not necessarily in that order...

-Newton loves to bring "gifts" when we get home. It could be a shoe, umbrella, or whatever he can pick up off the ground. We had some new people over for dinner and we were talking in the kitchen when Newton arrives with a mouth full of my dirty underwear that he dug out of our laundry basket and drops them in the middle of the floor, I guess he wanted to give our guests something extra special.

-Our five year anniversary today, we've lived in 6 homes, 3 states, and 2 countries

-I spit a huge gob of gunk out the window on the way home from a run with Nox, only to find it right between his eyes when I got out of the car

-While discussing deep life issues with a friend of mine, the very important subject of Nutella came up. I proceeded to tell her that I can't buy it because if I have it in my house, I will eat the entire thing. The next time I saw her, she presented me with the tiniest jar of Nutella I've ever seen and said "Now you won't feel bad about eating the entire thing!"... well played good lady...

-Met a fat bulldog the other day named Gnocchi

-My husband has been on a baking kick, which resulted most recently in the most delicious cinnamon rolls

-I had a nice conversation with an ancient German Frau down by the river the other day. She explained to me, in German "Ich hatte kein Englisch" or, that she doesn't speak English because back in her day when Hitler was in charge, they never had English class in school....



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  1. Soooo envious of that little dinner on the porch- looks lovely! Poor poor misunderstood. :) LOL!