Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stuff and Things

We have been enjoying our July. Neither of us can believe how fast time is flying, we have now been here 9 months! The German summer is treating us well. Our favorite things about the seasons include... swimming at the Sulz, grilling, and all of the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. We recently had the best strawberries that either of us have had in our lives!

Last Sunday, we attended what turned out to be pretty much summer camp for adults. Bayer provides expats with all sort of extra-curricular activities to help introduce you to your new country and culture. Last weekend we took a tour of a falconry and took archery lessons. We met a lot of nice people from all around the world, I think there were people from ten different countries present.

I have been staying busy with commission work, and Z is more than busy at work, and loving every minute of it. We love our evenings together, cooking and having "family time"; the boys get so excited when they hear Z's footsteps coming up the stairs.

We will be away for a week on an adventure, so till then...

Newton, post swimming and in the best mood

Trying REALLY hard to hit a bulls eye

I was so excited when I saw this guy, I wanted to salute him and sing the national anthem

I was hoping this massive owl would snatch the annoying child in the first row, but no such luck.

Evening walks

Our "watchdog"

Grass, much taller than me

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