Thursday, March 3, 2016

Little Things

 Running dog-free. Yesterday I decided I wanted to go for a run with just me, myself and I. Usually, my daily runs consist of dog leashes, poop bags, dog treats, random poo and pee stops, pulling, stopping and avoiding people. Yesterday, there was none of that, and it was glorious. I went at my own pace and could focus on something other than dog. I love my boys, but I am going to try to have a "me" run at least once a week from now on.

Establishing new traditions. Every Sunday all four of us walk down to our little bakery and get two chocolate croissants and two Kartoffelbroetchen (potato-bread rolls). We come home, make tea, and enjoy our breakfast. Sometimes we have eggs and sausage with it as well, it is just nice to know that Sundays are our day.

Pick and choose. It is a breath of fresh air to stand in line at the supermarket and not recognize anyone or anything on the covers of all the magazines. It is nice to be able to pick and choose what pop culture I get from home, usually it is just all up in your face all of the time, but here, I actually have to make an effort to find things such as new movie releases and entertainment headlines. I was on Pinterest today and saw something about Oscar dresses, completely missed that this year, and it was kind of nice. Not to mention being able to choose NOT to ever see another Kardashian again is gratifying.

Working technology. I didn't have a dryer for three weeks. It wasn't that bad, the only drawback was that I was only able to do one load a day. It came back earlier this week and it has been lovely getting laundry done. Oh, and having the clothes all fluffy and warm is nice, too (man, do I sound like a housewife or what?)

Here  are some other little things I have been enjoying...

Cute puppy in beautiful afternoon light always makes me happy

Walk in the morning fog

Spring bouquet 

Woodsy walks

Amazing dog nose art

Afternoon drives

This fella


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