Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Long-winded Random Thoughts

Everyday for the past couple of weeks, I have been practicing my German with a phone app called "Duolingo" . I FINALLY learned how to ask "how are you?" It wasn't introduced in the program right away, which I had expected, and I hadn't heard it spoken at all the past few months. It isn't something that people ask here frequently, unless you're close friends and the person asking expects a long-winded, honest answer. The lack of small talk is so interesting to me, even a simple phrase like "how's it going" took me 4 months to figure out.

In a recent cultural experience, I learned that even when Germans are apologizing to you, it can be scary as hell. This weekend at our local OBI (Germany's equivalent of Home Depot), I stopped to use the restroom inside. After locking the door behind me, the handle started rattling and the door pounding. It was so persistent that my first thought was that it was Zach trying to be  funny. When I opened the door, a woman  immediately launched into a rapid German tirade, complete with a raised voice and flailing hand gestures. I wish I could have seen the look on my face. I was sure she was going to attack me for being in the bathroom when she needed to use it. After she went in, Zach laughed and told me, believe it or not, she was apologizing for trying to break down the door. But  going purely off body language, I was sure she was going to call the police on me.

On the home front, Newton is finally getting better! Last week, we changed his food, and he has had two full days without the cone! I sure hope that this continues, I feel bad now that it took us so long to make such a simple change. Our Vet didn't mention mention that an allergic reaction could be a possibility, but thanks to a family friend who reads this blog, this option was mentioned, and he was right! I can't tell you how big of a relief this is for me, let alone Newton. After 5 weeks in the cone, Newt promptly celebrated by stealing a hat of a toddler at the park. I thought it was a pretty stealthy piece or work, the mom however, did not.

Ahhhh, the freedom of moving my face wherever I want, and stealing clothing from small children!

Becoming slightly plant obsessed, but I am determined to have something to go on our porch when it gets warm enough...

Clean house. Feels so good, for about 5 minutes, until it's covered in dog hair again.

Afternoon light, so glad that the days are getting longer

Evening skies have to be one of my favorites

Getting some rare and much needed dry porch time

Moss, moss, EVERYWHERE

Never thought I would be a morning light in the bedroom kind of gal, but I think I wake up more naturally now, there is something primal about rising with the sun

Spring, is that you?

Afternoon walk around our little Hoffnungsthal

This guy got home before it was dark last week!


  1. I like the above comment. Ha! Also, I'll take that lovely silver planter in the window sill. You may bring it on your next visit.