Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Before and After

Nox here, mom asleep, and since this blog has my name in it I figured I could write at least one post. The other name in the title is my big brother, but his arthritis makes typing hard.

I got my hair cut this weekend. I don't mind how long it gets, but mom and dad seem to think the sweet smell I build up over the months gets too stinky after a while. What do they know.

Anyways, mom and dad are new at this, I guess they wanted to save the stress of finding a German dog groomer and decided to do it themselves. Mom handled the scissors and dad the clippers. It took them all morning, but I didn't mind, both my parents attention was just on me. I got lots of kisses and "good boys" for just sitting there!

They did a good job, at least I don't have to pull out mud clots from my toes anymore, I hate that.  For some reason they ---wait, is that my tennis ball under the couch?  No? OK---For some reason they didn't trim anything on my head, but that's okay, because I am one handsome son of a bitch.

 See? That's me. Damn I'm good lookin'

Mom just woke up...must get tennis ball from under couch and take it to her as soon as possible.

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