Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stuff and Things

Recently I have been exchanging English lessons for German lessons with my lovely neighbor. Last date, she informed me (complete with flailing hand gestures) that her husband was impotent! Took me a while to figure out she meant important. Glad that I didn't have to explain the difference, and by explain, I mean act out.

Another neighbor referred to the place where we live as the Nazi Castle. We thought he was being silly, but it turns out we were being silly, because of course, Germans don't joke. Chateau Venauen was taken over by the Nazi party and used as a school to indoctrinate young soldiers. Good Lord.

Dogs are soooo well behaved here, and it's making us feel guilty. Our neighbors recently asked us where our dogs went to school, and we had to awkwardly explain that they were the weird home-schooled kids in the building.

Managed our first dinner, told our guests that it was going to be super casual (we still have boxes stacked) and they show up in cashmere and a sports coat and a pocket square. German casual is much different than American casual.

Bought the boys glow-in-the-dark collars for night time walks, since it gets dark here at four thirty. Every time I put them on I feel like they are getting ready to attend a rave.

Still as beautiful as ever

Sunday walk

Newton ready to rave

trying something new

He has a much better vista on his pouf

feeling like home

vines, vines, everywhere

My crazy massive stick action makes me happy

It's amazing how food reminds you of home

Church bells in Rosrath

Going over the ground rules

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