Monday, June 29, 2015

Home again

As soon as we returned from Germany, I made a mad dash for Wyoming, fueled by the "Holy-crap-we-are-actually-moving-to-Europe" feeling and the realization that I won't just be able to hop in the car and go home (even though it is a 15 hour drive). So that is precisely what I did. I spent a perfect two weeks surrounded by my family and the home I grew up in.
 Though it is impossible to capture the overwhelming amount of beauty imbued in this place, it is not for lack of trying. I took over seven hundred photos (I'm weird, I know) so I will try to keep this brief:

I know I am home when...

this is my afternoon activity

this happens

when this smell wakes you up in the morning

When going for a walk around your neighborhood looks like this...

when this is the view from your front yard

When your neighbors look like this

and  this...

when this is my running path...

When this guy is this happy

Relaxing while someone else entertains your dogs...

When the dog park looks like this...


or this


                           And most importantly, When you get to hang out with people like this

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