Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walnuts Farm

Well, August weather has finally arrived, and it's HOT. Of course it doesn't help that our air conditioner is a hit or miss. Today it is a miss. The darn thing isn't even in our loft, it is in our neighbors.So, instead of Zach fixing it quickly we have to make phone calls and schedule a time (for our one maintenance man, for 5 old buildings) to show up..... so in the meantime I am sitting here in the dark with the curtains drawn, and occasionally setting a package of frozen peas on my head.

So now that my complaining is out of the way (I fell better) I want to talk about this absolutely amazing farm in the England.  Built in 1800 it is used for a film and photographic shoot location, and I am thinking about moving in...

Here are Nick and Bella, owners of Walnuts Farm

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