Monday, July 21, 2014

The Land of Nod

My little hedgehog is now for sale on "The Land of Nod"! It is so satisfying to see your work out there after months of back and forth with a company. It is always an interesting process, and this one was no different. Since I began licensing my art to companies, I have had requests based on what they are looking for, what their research tells them sells best. I have learned that blue and pink are your best bet, and customizable art is booming now. I am also very surprised at what illustrations become best sellers. This hedgehog, even though my original image looked very different, has been far and away the most popular. 

Can you find it?

Here it is...

here is the original illustration...the yellow, considered to be "gender neutral," needed to be more specific to the buyer, hence the pink. The little flag was evidently a great spot for some kisses and hugs.....

which one is your favorite?

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