Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They're Everywhere!

Oh, you know, it's just a warthog, wearing a top hat, in the kitchen...

Even though decorating with mounts is not a new concept, I seem to be seeing quite a lot of them these days. Traditionally they are hanging over the fireplace, or in your husband's office or in the den, but they seem to be slowly creeping into other parts of the house... like, the kitchen. And I love it!

I am seeing kitchens that look more like multipurpose rooms rather than just a work space. It is nice to have a clean kitchen, but you don't want it to look like you could perform surgery on your island. An animal mount is a great way to bring a relaxed feel into the space. It looks and feels similar to your living room or bedroom.

The placement of the mount makes it the focal point of the room, not the gigantic vent hood.

Again, this one is on the vent hood. I feel like this kitchen would be boring without it...


This kitchen is a great example of bringing the "room" to the kitchen. The animal head, painting and table lamp make this space feel relaxed and cozy.

I dearly want a fireplace in my kitchen...

Color coordinated

All images obtained via pinterest.com

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