Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lazy Days

We are playing the waiting game. Tomorrow Zach has a meeting with the head honcho from KC,so hopefully we will get some answers. In the meantime I am enjoying my book (especially when my little buddy joins me) doing plenty of cheesy diy's and becoming a closet ironing-holic (seriously though, I love it) as well as doing art, life is good, but it will be even better when we actually have an idea of where we are going to be in the near future. I just feel like digging in, planning, and accomplishing the big and bulky task of moving. So here are some images of what life has been like around the lazy Tyrrell household lately...

Da shaaaaaame

Loving the afternoon light

On our last book in the Eragon series, Zach and I have had a ball reading this it together, we are big fantasy nerds
Homemade crust, sauce, fresh tomatoes and basil. done.
 Nox hugs, he will press his head against your legs untill you succumb
Newton having a conversation with his papa
Not naming names, but someone stole a stick of butter from off the kitchen counter, licked it clean without even ripping the wrapper......hmmmmmm
Enjoying Rumicub


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