Saturday, April 20, 2013

Going Grey

  The other weekend the hubby and I went downtown for some shopping when I spotted a three-story Restaration Hardware store, so of course I had to visit. There are a number of things that I like about this store and it has nothing to do with their actual products. What I love  is their layout and displays. Everything is kept very neutral and minimalist, with oversized art, sculptures and plants. Their individual displays make you want to take every room as is..... but what I love most about it is the floor to ceiling grey. Concrete floors give way to a lovely grey walls and molding, even their nursery decor section followed this scheme. It gives the entire store a very european, cozy, sophisticated feel. So this prompted me to look into the wonderful world of greys, and I am never going back...

Holy beautiful
Here are some of my favs
Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore
Fresh Linen plus whites by Annie Sloan
Chlesae Grey by Benjamin Moore



Grey Accessories
Ziggurat Mineral fabric
Premier Prints Ikat Dots on
Lovely grey chair
Deep grey linen covered daybed
Grey and white chevron quilt
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