Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

We entertained our first house guest this weekend! My dear friend Leah came down to visit us from Dallas, and as always, we had a grand ole time. My husband is a saint, he endured Jane Austen, jewelry, "Magic Mike", and endless girl talk.

We explored Houston's Natural History museum, and downtown.  We also ingested a healthy amount of wine, delicious food, fun conversation, and loud laughs; it was quite a wonderful weekend. Here are some photos to get everyone caught up...

LOVE having a clean house, ready for our guest...
Brunch at the Hobbit Cafe
Leah F. and company...
We had blueberry pancakes
Taking in some Faberge
This was my favorite, Faberge etched it to resemble ice crystals, and it was made for Alfred Nobel, the dude that the Nobel Prize is named after
Agate chair, by Harold Van Pelt; it is glorious!
Agate cup also by Harold Van Pelt
We spent a long time in the mineral/gemstone section of the Natural History Museum
I made new friends
Spent some time downtown
The Water Wall
Ah, the romance
Leah's Husband coudln't make it this weekend, but we were still thinking about him....we miss you Miles!
Thank you Leah for such a fun visit!


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