Sunday, March 10, 2013


This week has been defined by runny noses and cat fights(Nox), but we all seem to have come out okay. We had our weekly trip to the grocery store today to stock up on this week's recipes (yummy) that include homemade fish and chips, strawberry almond feta salad, with moms honeymustard dressing, beef burgandy, and tomato basil pasta. We also succesfully cleaned up our spare room since it is actually going to be put to use for the first time this coming weekend! Other than that, Sunday is laundry day, oh, the relentless cycle.

I have also been taking some time to start a new art project for myself, creating a children's alphabet. It is proving to be more difficult than I thought, since I tend to be very self critical, but I am trying to enjoy it none the less, here is what is going on in Anna's crafty side...

Here are the "finished" alphabet animals.... so far. As you can see I am not going abcdefg...etc, more like whatever animal pops into my head I draw, then assign a letter. If you are wondering I have b for bear, p for puppy, r for racoon, f for fawn, and l for lamb...... more to come...
Anyone who knows me well is aware of my obsessive compulive design tendencies, especially my "master doodles" as I refer to them, they are a relaxing way for my to concentrate my time and creative energy, here are a series of doodles that I am having a ball with right now. I don't know what purpose they will serve, maybe they could be lovely table numbers, or place cards, or maybe be used as another fun alphabet poster???? Who knows...... I sure don't, all I know is that I put pen and ink to paper and I am in Anna's happy place, what more could a girl want?

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  1. Wonderful Anna as usual. The "doodles" would be beautiful stationary. Or even as picture "matting" if you cut the centers out.