Saturday, March 23, 2013

My kind of camping

Dear Brother,

Yesterday we had a long conversation on my aversion to camping. And how my experiences with cold, wet, sickness, and murder (yes, murder) have made me less than willing to try it again. But you are determined. So, since you would like to show me how it is "supposed" to be done I have come up with some of my own ideas to add to the list

You suggested that we should stay in a location for more than one day, so I think that this displays an appropriate set up ( the furniture may be slightly inconvenient to travel with, but worth it)
Our very own private tents
You tell me sleeping on the ground is fun, I say, naaaaaah, a bed and wood floors win every time
Oh, and I am scared of little critters nibbling on my toes at night, so could we be above ground?
Multiple living spaces could be cool
You tell me that the food CAN be good, brother, if you make me this, i'm there. Oh, and preferably with a bottle of wine.
Or you could make something in this fashion, two fire pits is a must.
I have pretty much ruled out winter camping, for obvious reasons, but if it looked like this I could deal (candles included)
Camping in a snow cave seems like a special kind of hell for me, but look at this brother.....
So I hope that I have given you some good ideas of what I am looking for in a camping trip, when do we leave?
Your Little Sis

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