Monday, February 11, 2013

Pink and Red

Valentine's day, is here, on steroids...

Upon entering a grocery store yesterday I was greeted with  an explosion of heart shaped baloons and oversized teddy bears.This along with many other not-so-subtle clues quickly reminded me that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, like it or not. This overwhelming amount of crap was punctuated by nervous looking husbands, boyfriends, and adolescents wandering around with carts full of Russell Stover chocolates, glittery cards, and flowers.

Is this really what we woman want out of Valentine's Day? I'm not saying that every women should expect diamonds and a vacation to Paris, but what on earth are we supposed to do with a 4-foot tall teddy bear? This red and pink tornado has left me in a state of complete rebellion against the commercialism Valentine's Day.
 As a women I am looking for a tangible, beautiful, classy, fun, delicious, inspiring way to spend this holiday, so here are a few fun ideas I have come up with...

Instead of sequin tops or heart-shaped jewelry, what about a simple silk bow tied around your hair?

I love candy hearts just as much as the next person, but let's get natural, add a touch of fresh, bright red strawberries to your Valentine's day dessert

Ditch the boxed chocolates and just eat this...

Stuffed animals, eat your heart out! Here is a fun Valentine's day accessory that you don't have to be embarassed about, hang on mantle, or entry....... instant fun!
Bake some cookies with your loved one

Use your best linens for Valentines day dinner, along with simple hand-made seating cards

Come on baby, light my fire

Want to get a little crazy? Buy pink tapers

Get inspired by this outfit from "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Make an edible masterpiece that you will remember for years to come...

Tired of the the red rose/baby's breath combination? (I am), instead, buy an asortment of ranunculus

No more Titanic, ladies. Instead watch "Marie Antoinette" with your  girlfriends and oggle at the amazing feminine costumes...
...while drinking pink champagne
Hug some more
Happy Valentine's Day!
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