Monday, February 4, 2013

Design Crush

Tommy Smythe, what a gent!

I first discovered Tommy through HGTV's "Sarah's House" and "Sarah 101." His smart, witty comments make me laugh out loud and he has a timeless design sense...

Tommy seems to have fabulous taste in just about everything, but what I most admire are his touches of masculine elegance without being too obvious or over the top; his spaces are beautiful without being frilly, and classic without being stuffy.

Look at that mirror! What a lovely collection of color and texture
Okay, there is at least one thing in all of these images that I would steal for myself. For this one, I would take the stool and everything on the coffee table and mantle. Love the plant, this room needs a hint of natural
I would steal the chair, in LOVE with that fabric which is perfect on the simple wing back

Simple, function, and beautiful
Sigh.... I would take the dresser, and lamp
A perfect example of mixing textures and patterns with similar color tones, there are quite a mis-match of things in this room but they all fall together beautifully, love the black velvet pillows and that red chevron quilt!
This is one of my favorites from Tommy, it is very well laid out and very interesting to look at. Notice there are three different colors for the cabinetry, sometimes people think that the only way to do a kitchen is in one tone or color, wood cabinets and granite counters.... BORING, love the mix of the black island, grey cabinets, and cream uppers. This is so much more interesting and satisfying to the eye, and it brings in a hint of fun and sophistication. This approach is also evident in the lovely brass hardware and red lantern and floor, unconventional for sure, but full of thought, and class
I will own a zebra rug someday.....

Love the little stool tucked away, adds a touch of intamacy and is great for extra seating
Two words: Ball Fringe

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