Thursday, February 7, 2013

Countryside Daydream

I have come to the conclusion that in a past life I was British, no doubt.

Between Mr. Darcy, dinner jackets, Kate Middleton, rolling green hills, Harry Potter, Maggie Smith, Big Ben, wellies, Carey Grant, and James Bond, it is safe to say that I have a healthy appetite for anything from across the pond.

These interests have lead to many a daydream; usually concerning drinking tea in the garden before the afternoon hunt. So for my enjoyment as much as yours, I present...An English Countryside Daydream According to Anna.

My dinner outfit, complete with plaid gown, turtleneck, tight bun, and red lipstick. What more could a girl want?
Where the magic happens
                                                                   Um, amazing

Just died and went to heaven.
Have I mentioned I LOVE dogs?
Yep, thats a goat tower
Tea time
Please, and thank you
You know, just a simple picnic
men's wear
greenery, everywhere
Got to have a good pair of wellies

...and a good place to store them
Have to go and hang out with my girls at Downton
I hope you all have a jolly evening!

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  1. Lovely post, I like everything about it. Thank you.